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Assessor of Property Staff Directory


To Contact Us. 

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 196305
Nashville, TN  37219-6305

Physical Address:
700 2nd Ave S
The Howard Office Building is located on the Richard H. Fulton campus.

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Main Telephone Line:
(615) 862-6080

Main Fax Connection:
(615) 862-6057

Office Hours:
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Appeals (615) 862-6059
Customer Service Fax (615) 862-6057
Deeds (615) 862-6065
Exemptions (615) 880-3654
Personal Property (615) 862-6073
Residential Property, Zones 1 & 8 (615) 862-6091
Residential Property, Zone 2 and
All Condominiums in Davidson County
(615) 862-6090
Residential Property, Zones 3, 4, 7 & 9 (615) 862-6088
Residential Property, Zones 5 & 6 (615) 862-6068

Meet the Staff

sessor of Property - Davidson County TN
George L Rooker Jr, Certified Public Administrator
Phone:  862-6060
Email:  george.rooker@nashville.gov
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Manager of Operations
Jimmy Clary, TMA
Phone:  862-6071
Email:  jimmy.clary@nashville.gov

Jimmy Clary is the Chief Deputy of the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN.  He has been employed with this Metro Nashville office for over thirty years, first serving as a field appraiser then working his way through the ranks to arrive at his present position.  Chief Deputy Clary currently holds a TMA designation.


  Administrative Staff 
Administrative Manager

David Diaz-Barriga
Phone:  880-3650
Email:  david.diaz-barriga@nashville.gov

Attorney, Legal Liaison, Human Resources Advisor, ADA-EEO-Title 6 Safety, State Board of Equalization Advisor


  Residential Staff 

  Division Manager
Randy Ward
Phone:  880-2227
Email:  randy.ward@nashville.gov


Section Leader - Appraisal Zones 5 and 6
Beth Heathcock
Phone:  880-2305
Email:  beth.heathcock@nashville.gov

Madison, Goodlettsville, East Nashville


Section Leader - Appraisal Zones 1 and 8
Mark Gwinn
Phone:  880-2241
Email:  mark.gwinn@nashville.gov

Area between I-65 S to I-40 E including Paragon Mills, Crieve Hall,
Brentwood, Nashville International Airport and Others


Section Leader - Appraisal Zones 3, 4, 7 and 9
Johnny Anderson, TMA
Phone:  880-2326

Downtown Nashville, Charlotte Park, Lakewood, Donelson, Clarksville Park, Bordeaux and Others


Section Leader - Appraisal Zone 2 and
                            All Condominiums in Davidson County
George Thomas
Phone:  880-2234
Email:  george.thomas@nashville.gov

Belle Meade, Forest Hills, Oak Hill, Charlotte Park, Sylvan Park and Others


Commercial and Industrial Staff 

Division Manager
Kenny Vinson, TMA
Phone:  862-6072
Email:  kenny.vinson@nashville.gov


Section Leader - All Commercial Real Properties
Curtis Oaks, TMA
Phone:  880-2210
Email:  curtis.oaks@nashville.gov


Personal Property/Modeling/Appeals Staff

Division Manager
Derrick Hammond, TMA
Phone:  862-6085
Email:  derrick.hammond@nashville.gov


Section Leader - Appeals Modeling (ONLY)
Joe Draper, MAI
State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser
Phone:  862-6087
Email:  joe.draper@nashville.gov

Section Leader - Personal Property (ONLY)
Cathi Hammers
Phone:  880-2155
Email:  cathi.hammers@nashville.gov

Technical Services

Division Manager
Brad Pigue
Phone:  862-6075


Section Leader - Technical Support
Bill Taylor
Phone: 880-2131
Email:  bill.taylor@nashville.gov


Section Leader - Quality Control
Sam Richards
Phone:  880-2382


Customer Service

Division Manager
Herman Ruben
Phone:  880-2069
Email:  herman.ruben@nashville.gov


Section Leader
Bertha Harris
Phone:  880-2075
Email:  bertha.harris@nashville.gov



Division Manager
Debra Walling
Phone:  880-2101
Email:  debra.walling@nashville.gov


Section Leader - Data/Deeds
Jackie Ridgway
Phone: 862-6064


Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistant to George Rooker
Amy Raines
Phone:  862-6060
Email:  amy.raines@nashville.gov


Administrative Assistant to Jimmy Clary
Kristina Ratcliff
Phone:  862-6998
Email:  kristina.ratcliff@nashville.gov


Assessor of Property Staff Directory

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