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Certificate of
Excellence in

Association of
Assessing Officers) awards offices that utilize best appraisal and assessment practices with a  Certificate of Excellence.
Our office received this distinction in  2012, and we continue to serve property owners in Nashville and Davidson County with a high level of excellence.


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Property records in Tennessee are required by state statue to be made public and fully accessible to any individual who requests to view this information, which includes pictures, sketches and data used to determine the appraised value of property.

The Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN is charged by law with the responsibility of maintaining these public records in an accurate and current manner, and he/she does not have the authority to remove any of the records from public access.

In order to provide the most extensive service to property owners in Davidson County, the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN has made these public records available through WEBPRO PROPERTY DATA.

You may now search for property information by:

Street Name
or Parcel ID Number

Information is updated following a semi-annual schedule, generally in May and September of each year.

Please keep in mind that much of the information in these files is provided by other official sources such as the Planning Commission, Registrar of Deeds and Department of Codes Administration.  While there may be a delay in receiving data from these entities regarding some transactions due to various processing steps, the Assessor's office tries to keep data as current as possible.


Acrobat Reader must be installed, in order for you to read Assessor of Property files.  Please click on icon at left to be directed to a free download site.


Policy Statement: 

The Canon of Ethics for the International Association of Assessing Officers contains the following rule to which members of our professional organization abide:

E.R. 1-4  It is unethical for members to refuse (by intent or omission) to make available all pertinent public records they have for public review unless access to such records is specifically limited or prohibited by law, or the information has been obtained on a confidential basis and the law permits such information to be treated confidentially.  Assessing officers must make every reasonable effort to inform the public about their rights and responsibilities under both the law and the property tax system.

Much of the same information you may access through the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN office is available from other government offices, in whole or in part.  In addition, property records of other counties in Tennessee may be obtained through the State Comptroller Office web site (see link below).  Also, many private businesses acquire public records from Assessor officers to prepare reports regarding real estate sales and housing trends, which are then sold to subscribers.

While the advisability of making assessment records public has been questioned, the decision to make this information accessible via the Internet simply improves citizens access to records to which they are entitled under law.  Therefore, one of our primary goals is to provide property owners with sufficient information to judge whether the appraised value we have set for their property is equitable when compared to other properties.  By offering access to the information pertinent to an appraisal, we give them the tools necessary to make meaningful comparisons.




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