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Certificate of
Excellence in

Association of
Assessing Officers) awards offices that utilize best appraisal and assessment practices with a  Certificate of Excellence.
Our office received this distinction in  2012, and we continue to serve property owners in Nashville and Davidson County with a high level of excellence.


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The goal of the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN is to estimate fair value for all property in the county.  Fair market value is defined as how much a property would sell for in an open market under normal conditions. 

In order to determine property appraisal, this office uses acceptable methods approved by the State Comptroller's Office to estimate the value of each property.  Because there are many properties that need to be appraised by January 1st in the year of a reappraisal, the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN uses mass appraisal techniques aided by appraisal models of benchmark property developed by our staff and processed by computers into value indication for each property.

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Personal Property

Personal Property is the tangible and intangible property used or held for use in a business.  It includes, but is not limited to, furniture, fixtures, tools, machinery, equipment, raw materials, vehicles and supplies.

Business includes partnerships, corporations, other business associations not issuing stock and individuals operating for profit as a business or profession in Davidson county TN.

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Reappraisal of property for tax purposes is required on a periodic basis to maintain appraisals at market value and to ensure equity of appraisals throughout the jurisdiction.  Every county in Tennessee operates on either a four-, five- or six-year cycle of reappraisal.  Davidson County is on a four-year plan.

The four-year cycle consists of three years of comprehensive on-site review of every parcel of property in the county, followed by revaluation of all property in the fourth year.  During each of these first three years, approximately 33% of the parcels in the county are inspected for changes to the land or buildings that would influence the value of the property.  Quarterly, progress reports are provided to the State of Tennessee Division of Property Assessments, whose personnel also periodically monitor the progress and results of the on-site review process.

During the fourth and final year of the cycle, a thorough analysis of the current real estate market is used to establish new land and building values.  This is an exhaustive process which establishes the factors, tables and base rates that will be used to value real property for next four years.  The changes in values are then applied to each property in the county, and those property owners whose property values have either increased or decreased as a result are notified regarding the new appraisal of their properties.  In addition, during this fourth year, a complete plan of reappraisal for the next four-year period must be developed and submitted for approval.  This plan is required to include budgetary considerations for personnel and equipment and the territorial division of the county for the three years of field review.  The cycle then begins all over again.

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Any property owner who believes that the classification or value assigned to his or her property by our office has the right to appeal that assessment. 

Upon receipt of a Change in Appraisal notice (which, for most property owners, occurs every four years), the property owner will be instructed regarding steps to be taken to contact the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN office should he/she feel that the appraisal is incorrect. 

An Assessor will then review the information made available by the property owner that denotes changes which may affect the value of the property.  Should a correction be in order, a modification may be made without a formal appeal. 

However, if the change to the property value following this review is unacceptable, the property owner may make an appeal to the Davidson County Board of Equalization. If the decision made by the Davidson County Board of Equalization is unacceptable, the property owner may then appeal to the State Board of Equalization.

Established under Metropolitan Charter Article 11, Chapter 2, to hear property owner's appeals of their appraisal and assessment, The Davidson County Board of Equalization is composed of five members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by majority vote from the Council. Members serve terms of two years.

The Board may also employ a temporary staff of appraisers to conduct hearings on appeals. The hearing officers then send recommendations to The Davidson County Board of Equalization.

You can read the origin and authority of the Davidson County Board of Equalization at this link below:


Current members of the Board are, as follows:

Ms. Jean Harrison
04/01/2012 - 04/01/2014

Mr. Melvin Lowe
04/01/2012 - 04/01/2014

Mr. Trasbin Stoner, II
04/01/2012 - 04/01/2014

Ms. Connie Hardin
04/01/2012 - 04/01/2014

Mr. Marshall Karr
04/01/2012 - 04/01/2014

Visit The State Board of Equalization web site for more information.

It is the objective of the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN is to treat each property owner equitably.  Sales ratio studies conducted by the State of Tennessee indicate that our appraisals are fair and represent reliable market value.  We support the Certified Tax Rate law as a protection for Davidson County taxpayers, and we welcome any questions you might have regarding your property and/or the steps we follow in making a fair assessment.

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Information On File For Public Access

Property Record Cards
The Assessor of Property office creates and maintains an individual Property Record Card for every parcel of property in the county (approximately 236,000).  These records are maintained in a database in the CAMA system.

Information included on these cards include:

- Street Address of the Property
- Name(s) of Owner(s)
- Address(es) of Owner(s)
- Parcel Identification Number
- Subdivision Name *
- Lot Number *
- Dimensions of Lot
- Acreage for Larger Tracts
- Construction Types and Components for Structures
  (Type of Roofing, Foundation, etc.)
- Extra Features of Improvements
  (Fireplaces, Driveways, etc.)
- Value for Improvements
- Value of Land
- Overall Appraisal for Tax Purposes for Land and All
- Assessment classification
- Overall Assessment Value
- Transfer Data, including Sales History
  (Amounts, Dates, Deed Volume, Page Numbers)

Property Maps
The Assessor of Property office maintains a set of maps for all properties in the jurisdiction in order to maintain size, location and boundary information.  These maps are constantly updated through the use of data contained in transfer deeds, registered surveys and recorded plats of subdivisions.  Currently, the office maintains 2,000 maps on file for use by office personnel and the general public.  Copies of all materials may be obtained for a reasonable fee per copy.

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